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Our instructors are renowned for their knowledge, personality, and genuine interest in their students. Whether teaching an open enrollment class at our facility or a custom class on-site at your facility, they make a lasting impression. We continually receive feedback praising our instructors as the primary reason students prefer Argus Pacific, a Terracon Company

We can tailor any of our classes for your company’s needs and hold them at your location, ours, or sometimes online!


Asbestos Classes

*We now offer an ONLINE NOTARIZATION option! Notarization of worker and supervisor application forms is still required to be done by the training provider. You can also come and have your form completed and notarized in person at our Mountlake Terrace location at no extra charge. to this: ‘We offer both IN-PERSON INITIAL classes and ONLINE REFRESHER classes. Click on our Registration link below for details. In Washington, notarization of student applications is still required to be provided by the training provider for workers and supervisors. Our online worker and supervisor refreshers now INCLUDE ONLINE NOTARIZATION of student application forms! You also have the option of coming into our Mountlake Terrace location in-person at no additional charge.


8-Hour Class II Intact Asbestos Training (Asbestos Cement Pipe, Roofing, Flooring, etc.)

Did you know that sometimes Certified Asbestos Workers are not required for abatement work? If your project has "miscellaneous" asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that will remain non-friable (intact) during removal, your workers may only need 8-hour Class II Intact ACM training. We can provide the 8-hour training required and specific to the type of ACM on your project. The OSHA & WA L&I regulations require this training be specific to one type of intact ACM and include hands-on. Our training is conducted in-person at your location, or ours if more convenient for you. In Washington State, L&I accreditation is required for asbestos cement pipe training, and we are accredited! Contact us if you would like to explore training options that will fit your needs.

Lead-Based Paint & Lead Hazards in Construction Classes

Argus Pacific, a Terracon Company is certified by both the EPA and Washington State to offer Lead Renovator Training. We also offer WA Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor classes on a client-based custom class basis. For worker protection training we offer Lead Hazards in Construction to satisfy OSHA and WA Labor & Industries training requirements, which are different and separate from EPA and WA Commerce’s requirements for Lead-based paint.

Client Specific Custom Classes

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Asbestos News

WAC 296-65 Safety Standards for Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation was updated as of March 2, 2020. 

April 26

NEW WA L&I DOSH Directive 23.90 will allow PAPR Respirators

NEW WA L&I DOSH Directive 23.90 will allow PAPR respirators for low exposure Class I work, in addition to current supplied air respirator options. This is a big shift for Washington and relief for abatement contractors! Click below to see the new DD 23.90 effective April 26, 2022!

April 5

EPA Asbestos News

EPA Proposes to Ban Ongoing Uses of Asbestos...". This has been a long-time coming! Click below for the announcement details and on how to submit comments.

Attention Asbestos Workers and Supervisors

DD 1.60 used to extend certification expiration date flexibility during the pandemic. This is no longer in effect as of February 1, 2023. There are no more pandemic-related exceptions for expired cards.


WAC 296-65 Safety Standards for Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation was updated as of March 2, 2020.

partial list of the new changes includes the following:

  • Grace period after Asbestos Worker or Supervisor card expiration date is now 12 months (L&I exam still required if card is expired); 
     Asbestos abatement project non-emergency pre-notification by abatement contractor is now 5 days instead of 10 days; 
     Pre-requisite experience requirements for applicants seeking initial 40-hour Asbestos Supervisor training are now more stringent and require notarized affidavits of work experience from applicant’s employer(s);
     Worker initial class exam is reduced from 100 to 50 questions.
     For ALL of the changes and details, see the latest version of WAC 296-65 which can be found here.

We will fully become Terracon in 2023

You can expect the same excellent Argus Pacific, Inc., a Terracon Company, service! Our Argus Pacific website will remain active and with an entirely new look very soon! You can count on continuing to have access to the quality, up-to-date information and class schedule you depend on. 

National Terracon EH&S Training: We are excited to share that our office will be playing a key role in helping other Terracon offices around the country expand their EH&S training services. Our own Sue Maas, CHMM, was named Terracon’s National Leader for EH&S Training. She will also continue leading our local training team based here in Mountlake Terrace. We are so proud of our team!

Thank you for your ongoing health & safety training partnership - whether you are new to us or have been a longtime patron of 20+ years! We appreciate our connection with you.


Need a class you don’t see listed?

We can customize and offer any of our classes for your team at your location. Need training on a topic you can’t find on the list? Let us know! We also cover many other topics, such as: confined spaces; asbestos, lead, or silica awareness; certified asbestos supervisor; silica competent person; asbestos operations and maintenance (Class III); fall protection; hazardous energy control (lock-out/tag-out); respiratory protection & PPE; and more.